Division 1 - Client Services & Marketing

“Good News Well Publicised” attracts customers. We proudly share the good results of our services and the benefits of the latest technology we have to offer. The result is our customers taking full advantage of our FREE VALUE ENGINEERING and/or IDENTIFICATION OF WORKS (IDoW) ASSESSMENT within 48hrs after they decided to engage with us. WE LISTEN TO YOU. We proud ourselves in finding ways, this after collecting the needed “Project/Service request Information and Requirements”, to propose outstanding solutions and services to our customers. You will welcome our friendly professional feedback and advice in the form of an IDoW proposal, containing how we plan to serve you best.

Division 2 - Estimations, Tenders, Procurement of Services & Products

After receiving your full appointment, or even only with your instruction to complete a “VALUE ENGINEERING” exercise to help you decide what part of your project you would like to proceed with, we engage with our vendors and experts to provide you with feedback in the form of revised IDoW reports, Estimations, Value Engineering proposals, and/or Tenders Evaluation reports. The services we offered are all developed and supervised by professionals and experienced managers. Clients feedback confirm that appointing us to provide Client Representative, Lead Consultant, and or Principal Agent Support, made the biggest impact on the success of implementing the services offered.

Division 3 - Accounting, Invoice generation & Collection

We are proud to be able to supply our clients with “Funding Options” when we present our formal invoices and project specific contracts to conclude formal appointments for the agreed services. Payments of staggered deposit’s in terms of the agreed payments schedule, then trigger the needed work orders to internal and/or external stakeholders.

Division 4 - Consulting Services, Portfolio Management & Project ExecutionSupport

All our services, projects, and operational support are recorded and managed via our Project Management Office (PMO), responsible to properly plan the service execution to ensure the rolling out and/or implementation of the solutions and services meet the requested quality standards within the timeframe provided, and within the client’s budget. The services managed include a wide variety of CONSULTING services relevant to Value Engineering, Architecture, Engineering, Property Development, Water Quality, Power Generation and Agriculture. It includes the management of external parties providing CONSTRUCTION and WATER TECHNOLOGY implementation services.

Division 5 - Water Quality& Construction Solutions, Engineering & Maintenance

Every client will receive Project Specific Solutions and Services driven by measurable objectives. We strive to provide world class services with the latest technologies, backed up by professionals and experienced managers. This division manage the actual execution of projects on site as supported by the PMO. The execution of projects are managed by our selected experienced engineers, construction managers, maintenance teams, and associated partners and consultants.

Division 6 - Contracts, Legal, Update of IMS, and Business Strategy

Clients feedback, project success stories and lessons learned, are recorded to ensure that we constantly improve our team, the company, and the ability to timeously update procedures and services to upheld the highest possible service standards and industry norms. We value our clients and our business and strive to provide the best creative cost-effective sustainable solution and services in the market. (Focusing on doing things right the first time.)