ScaleBuster’s Water Conditioner Technology

How It Works

The operation of the patented ION ScaleBuster requires a moving stream of water to enable the hydrodynamic process to work.

  • As water flows through, cavitation within the ION ScaleBuster chamber unit produces violent pressure changes that break up bicarbonate molecules and the dielectric materials produce static effects.
  • The electro-static galvanizing action of the ION ScaleBuster causes the breakdown of calcium and magnesium bicarbonates in the solution, (hardness in the water) which precipitate less soluble carbonates.
  • As a result, the treated water becomes less saturated and is able to dissolve existing deposits over time.
  • The combination of these effects is repeated many times. Once the salts are precipitated or removed, this action improves the flow and overall efficacy and efficiency of the piping system.

The High Cost of Corrosion & Scale Fouling

Equipment Damage, Energy Loss, & Increased Maintenance

Energy Savings

Because the ION ScaleBuster removes existing scale buildup on pipework, valves, heating elements including hot water heaters, electrical heating elements, industrial heat exchangers, hot water pipes and tanks, less energy is required to heat the water.

Clears Existing Scale Deposits

The galvanic effect of the ION ScaleBuster provides a reducing effect on corrosion sites. By precipitating hardness, the treated water becomes less saturated and, therefore, is able to dissolve old deposits over a period of time.

The time taken will depend on several factors—the thickness of scale deposits and the distance of effected area from the installed ION ScaleBuster. The volume of water passing through ION ScaleBuster will determine the length of time taken to clean scale and corrosion deposits from the system. However, once installed, a ScaleBuster unit will commence its job immediately provided that a water flow is still possible.

ScaleBuster Advantages

A Better Solution to Scale & Corrosion

Based on the unique advantages our innovative technology, ION ScaleBuster has become the choice of major firms and municipalities around the world for corrosion and scale removal in pipeworks and equipment.

  • Proven worldwide for over 30 years
  • Significant installed base of 300,000+ units
  • Zero operating costs – requires no chemicals, magnets or electricity
  • Decreases resistance in piping – reducing energy required for pumping
  • Coagulates suspended particles in water to enhance filtration efficiency
  • Maximizes the efficiency of heating elements
  • Minimizes downtime and maintenance
  • Extends operational life of metal piping and equipment
  • Safe, chemical-free operation—no special handling or storage requirements
  • Long-acting treatment
  • Low internal flow resistance
  • Less dependent on flow conditions than magnetic-based systems
  • Certified for potable water by WRAS UK, ACS France, TÜV Germany/Europe, WQA USA
  • Installation flexibility – compact design simplifies retrofits
  • Minimal maintenance – no mechanical moving parts to be replaced

Laser Particle Analysis

Sophisticated laser particle analysis was used in the development of the ION ScaleBuster to determine the optimal precipitate size. The large particles produced are much slower to re-dissolve in the water, extending its beneficial treatment effects.

Safe, Chemical-Free Operation

A Safe, Environmentally-Friendly Process

Unlike systems that use harsh chemicals to dissolve scale and corrosion and contribute toxic pollutants to groundwater, the ION ScaleBuster works without chemicals. Instead, it employs an electrostatic process that is planet-friendly. This reduces energy and water consumption, while reducing or, in certain cases, eliminating toxic water discharge.

Chemical-Free Flocculant

The patented construction of its PTFE (Teflon®) turbulence chambers alters the static balance within the unit. This neutralizes charged particles, causing them to flocculate, or form large clump particles that are slower to re-dissolve in the water. In normal “straight flow” systems, the flocculate particles of scale remain harmlessly in the flow of the water and are unable to adhere to the pipe surfaces. In re-circulating systems – or those that contain settlement areas – filtration or flushing is commonly used to remove these treatment by-products. Corrosion is now under control and further damage to the system and associated equipment is prevented.

Trusted by Some of the Most Respected Companies in the World

ION ScaleBuster technology is used around the world by major companies and institutions for its proven ability to inhibit scale and corrosion. In the process, they are saving energy and water, and minimizing the use chemicals in their cooling and production systems.