Through our innovative and world-renowned technology, we resolve water treatment, and agriculture challenges like no other company can.

We host the latest technology available within the water quality & agriculture industries. This include the largest variety of Microbubble (MB) and Ultra Fine Bubble (UFB) equipment in the world, Ultrasonic, Quantum Disinfection technology and Specialised Remote monitoring Equipment.

One example, our MB/UFB generating equipment are 90% more efficient than existing aeration technologies commonly used in South Africa and around the world. The result of our solutions is a sustainable and cost-efficient alternative in the form of recycled and recovered water. We have been striving to provide services that offer an ethical and global solution, securing the future of our environment for future generations.

Our solutions are scientifically based on nearly a decade of research and include the latest trial and tested technology. The outcomes are phenomenal results in the treatment of , among many others, that of water, waste-water and severely contaminated water.

With our range of technologies that includes Micro and Ultra Fine Bubble generators, we are revolutionizing the water industry with a natural cleaning process that is CHEMICAL FREE. Our advanced technologies, that includes the MB/UFB generators, that aerates water at a rate of 1 910 828 ultrafine bubbles per 1ml of water, a first in the water treatment industry.

Our equipment serves a wide range of industries globally and can confidently intend to solve your specific agricultural or related water quality challenges. ClaasEco will help you achieve compliance; improve your facilities and operations, while saving costs and resources.