Modular Design

  • The Command F Pro: is the “brain” of the system. It generates treatment signals and continuously monitors the smooth operation of the system.
  • Treatment Units (TU): diffuse the signals generated by the Command F Pro in the water. A 360G-A treatment unit can treat a water flow of up to 21,6m3/hr (95.1 US gpm, 79.2 gpm). The treatment units are installed in parallel, to correspond to the total water flow to be treated.

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The Aqua4D technology works with any type of water, whatever its chemical composition and the level of its hardness. The effect is obtained regardless of the the pipe type or materials used (i.e, steel, copper or synthetic material). Efficiency is observed in water even up to a few kilometers downstream from the Aqua4D system.

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The Aqua4D system


Modular Design

The Command F Pro has a fully modular design, thanks to an expansion card system: up to four output cards for Treatment Units and two communication cards can be installed. This means the Aqua4D system can be configured according to your needs, and is fully expandable if and when required.

Infinite Water Flow

A TU 360G-A unit can treat a flowrate of up to 21.6 m3/hour (95.1 US gpm, 5700 gpm, 6 l/s). Up to four such units can be connected to a single Command F Pro, and several Command F Pros can be synchronized, so there’s no limit to treatment capacity. Additionally, our new plug-and-play F-A Skid is specifically designed for higher flowrates.

Robust Design

The choice of components which make up the Command F Pro and Treatment Units, as well as strict adherence to the IP65 protection index, make Aqua4D a reliable and robust product, suitable for a wide variety of conditions

Synchronization Option

The “synchronization” card allows the synchronization of the signals of several Command F Pros, extending the number of connectable Treatment Units to infinity.

Alarm Management

The display and command buttons of the Command F Pro allow for a clear visualization of the system’s status as well as management of potential alarms.

Example of installation

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