Bio React AD enhances hydrolysis in biodigesters, boosting biogas generation by 30+%.

Working to ensure that wastewater treatment facilities are working optimally to protect the health and safety of our community is what we do. Our patented, award-winning Aqua Assist Wastewater product is easy to apply and works on contact to boost your wastewater process, improve your overall compliance, and lower your operations costs.

ManureMagic® eats into solids, liquefies manure, reduces odors, and can improve pig survivability and feed efficiency. It is a critical part of any successful manure management program.

Bio React AD enhances hydrolysis in biodigesters, boosting biogas generation by 30+%.

A healthy septic system can be the difference between a good and very bad day. Bio-React delivers billions of live microbes for consuming solids, sludge, and reducing odor in residential and industrial septic systems.

Whether a business is using ponds, tanks, or mariculture pens or is a hatchery, fish quality is impacted by contaminants such as waste, excess food, and sludge. Aqua Assist controls these wastes, keeping water clean and fish healthy.

Grease traps are a continual maintenance hassle for restaurants and bars. Bio-React’s specially selected bacteria and engineered particle work together to break down fats, oils and greases (FOG) quickly and keep clogs from reoccurring.

MB Bio remediates hydrocarbon-contaminated sites in place without costly hauling. It works in both land and water-based environments, even salt water. MB Bio chemically oxidizes long-chain hydrocarbons and ringed hydrocarbons, leaving just carbon dioxide and water.

Our technical solutions and cultivation systems offer numerous economic and environmental benefits