Water and Agriculture

Driving the all-important divisions of ClaasEco Water and ClaasEco Agriculture is a team of exceptionally talented professionals with decades of practical experience in their respective fields. By combining their knowledge with the latest technology, they are perfectly equipped to address any challenges related to water quality.

Peet Schoeman

Agriculture Consultant

Peet Schoeman is a passionate agriculturalist who has a great love for sustainable and smart farming. Being a farmer himself, growing up on a farm and completing his school career at an Agricultural High School, he has a good sense of farmers' needs and what they value. Working with and under the guidance of pioneers in the agricultural industry, he will enthusiastically try to help any farmer to the best of his and the company's ability to solve all farming problems and needs you might have. He believes in the work of farmers and hopes to increase the productivity and influence of their work all around the world.

Ferdi van Zyl

Professional Environmental Scientist

B. Sc. (Hons.) Microbiology (US), M. Sc. Microbiology (US). Registered at South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP) Pr. Sci. Nat 400047/92

Manage all related tasks and services as Plant Pathologist, Microbiologist, Botanist, Naturalist, and as Water Impact Specialist. Also overseeing Research and development Process Engineer – ClaasEco R&D Associate - Bachelor of Engineering – B. Eng - (Chemical/Process)

+43 years’ experience as Professional Environmental Scientist in the Agricultural and Water industry. +21 Published scientific articles.

Prof. Hiroaki Tsutsumi

Professional Marine ecology, Coastal marine environmental, and UFB/Micro-bubble technology Expert

B. Sc. Biology (Kyushu University, Japan), M. Sc. Biology (Kyushu University, Japan), D Sc. Biology (Marine ecology)(Kyushu University, Japan), Japanese Researcher No. 50197737

External advisor providing support and advice on any matters relating to Marine, Aquaculture and UFB/Microbubble technology applications, Professor of Faculty of Environmental and Symbiotic Sciences.

+33 years’ experience as Professor at Kumamoto Women’s University / Prefectural University of Kumamoto studying Marine ecology, Environmental assessment of coastal seas, and Micro/nano-bubble technology (from 2003), +120 (65 in English) Published scientific articles

Pierre Naider Fanfan

President & CEO of Probiosphere Inc.

Ph. D., MDA - Hold a bachelor’s degree in Environmental engineering from Haiti, a master’s and a Ph.D. in Biological Engineering
from Belgium, an MBA with a concentration in leadership from the United States.

ClaasEco International Specialist support for clients on wastewater treatment, environmental bioremediation, and related environment and agricultural bioproducts environment and agricultural bioproducts.

20 years of experience in environmental engineering, scientific research and
development and innovation.

Cristian Vasile

External Managing Associate specializing in water disinfection. Main product: Quantum Disinfection™

Ph. D in Chemistry, Research Engineer, Master’s Degree in Waste Science and Techniques, Engineer Degree in Environmental Sciences, Bachelor’s degree in Informatics.

ClaasEco International Specialist support for clients on water disinfection challenges ,

15 years of experience in the field of conceptualisation, development and manufacturing of nano-composite materials with active surfaces; Fundamental knowledge of the electrical-chemical proprieties of semiconductor oxides and their interaction at nano level; Industrialization for mass production of the CDV-ML nanotechnology; 5 granted patents & 10 published scientific articles.

Dr. Francois Daniel Mellett

External Managing Associate specialising in live stock and related services.

Ph.D. Agric (Meat Science) Univ. Stell (US). Registered at South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP) Pr. Sci. Nat 400069/06, S.A. Soc. Anim. Sci., S.A. Ass. Food Sci. & Tech., SABS HACCP Committee, SABS Canned meat Committee, Academic advisory committee: Pen Tech, Academic advisory committee: Cape Tech, AOAC Member.

Manage all related tasks and services as director of FM&A (Pty) Ltd, consulting to the protein food processing sector. His main focus is on the poultry and red meat industries, hydrocolloids, starches, bread, dehydrated and shelf stable foods as well as amino acid balanced breakfast cereals.

+37 years’ experience as Professional Environmental Scientist in the Agricultural and Meat/Live Stock industry. +60 Published scientific articles.

Kalpesh Morar

External Managing Associate specialising in the application of IoT Solutions focusing on precision agriculture and expert systems.

B. Eng (Electrical and Electronics Engineering), MBA (Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations).

ClaasEco International Specialist support for clients on Precision Agriculture solutions to help reduce costs, increase yield and profit.

27 years’ experience in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Precision Agriculture solutions.

External Specialist and Scientific Support

Dr Brink Van Zyl

Head Of Agri Science at University of Stellenbosch

Dr Brink Van Zyl, originally from Kimberley, holds a doctorate in animal sciences and an MBA, both from SU. He has been a lecturer in the department for the last year. Dr Van Zyl has more than 25 years of experience in the private sector, including on extensive animal management and animal feeds. He has worked for AFGRI Animal Feeds as a ruminant specialist and technical marketing manager, and for Transvaal Sugar Limited (Molatek Animal Feeds) as sales manager, among others.

Dr Pieter Swanepoel

Senior Lecturer / Researcher at Stellenbosch University

Dr Pieter A. Swanepoel is an Agronomist who undertakes advanced research for the development of new and adaptation of existing technology in the field of soil quality for agronomical crops and pasture production. Soil quality encompass physical, chemical and biological processes in soil, which directly influence plant productivity. His research focus is to understand how soil quality affects plant production, and in doing so, aims to improve farming efficiency whilst the natural resources are sustained.

Specialised pumps, valves, and gas-liquid mixing technology

Chris Psutka


Food Sciences

Prof. Lizette Joubert


Plant Protection Research

Dr. Marieka van der Merwe


Water Analysis

Dr. Bettina Genthe


Food Sciences

Grant Momplé


Water Quality

Dr. Marelize Botes


Viral vaccines in plants

Prof. Ed Rybicki


Soil and Water Analyses

Dr. Pieter Raath


Plant Pathology

Sonja Coertze


Nematological Sciences

Sheila Storey


Through consistent output and service delivery, our engineers have been known to excel beyond expectations. This formidable team, led by John Smith, specialises in providing taoliro-made solutions of the highest quality to all clients, from simple designs to highly complex projects.

John Smith

John Smith & Associates Director


Company Management, Business Development, Project Overview.

30 years’ experience in Civil Engineering and managing projects from conception to completion.

Jacques Struwig



Civil Designs, Project Management.

8 years’ experience in Civil Engineering and designing complex structures.

Cobus Wessels

Engineering Geologist

BSc Earth Science

Civil Designs, Geotechnical Investigations and – Project Management

5 years

Naomi Smith

CFO, Sr. Communications, Administration and Financial Manager

B.Consumer Sciences

Managing PMO and Engineering communications, office administration and financial matters.

5 years Industrial Catering Management, 16 years Medical Practice Management and 8 years in current position.


Our young and vibrant architectural team love what they do and are on call to provide architectural, drawings and design solutions to local and international clients. Boasting more than 14 years experience, they offer fresh and innovative architectural solutions, focussing on service excellence and building relationships.

Donovan Hanekom

Senior Architectural Technologist

Donovan studied Architectural Technology at CPUT and qualified with a B Tech Degree in Applied Design. He is registered with SACAP as a Professional Senior Architectural Technologist. He is also registered with SAIAT. Donovan has 16 years’ experience in Architecture. He fulfils the role of Practice Principal. He is responsible for all concept designs and is involved during the entire process – liaising directly with the clients from inception to completion of the project.

Brendan McDonald

Construction Project Manager

Brendan has been with DH Architecture since 2007. He has 13 years’ experience in the construction industry. He is originally from an accounting background. Brendan fulfils the role of Construction Project Manager. He liaises with the client, contractor, other professionals, sub-contractors and suppliers during the build. He assists the client during the tender process, as well as assist with the budget during the entire building process. He is the link between the client and the contractor.

Bernice Boshoff

Senior Architectural Draughts person

Bernice has been with DH Architecture since 2012. She fulfils the role of Senior Architectural Draughtsperson. She prepares computer sketch plans, council submission drawings as well as detail drawings required during the working drawing phase. Bernice liaises with the Structural Engineer and other professionals during the project.

Shireen Joubert

Interior design and detail drawings

Shireen has been with DH Architecture since 2014. She comes from an interior design background. She specialises in detail drawings such as electrical layouts, bathroom layouts, tile layouts and other detail drawings required during the working drawing phase.

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