Step 1 - Project Proposal

Every project starts with a problem and once a customer requests our assistance, we will perform a FREE Value Engineering and/or Identity of Works (IDoW) Assessment and supply the results within 48 hours. During this phase, we listen to you and after collecting the required information, we will provide friendly feedback and professional advice on the solutions and services we can provide to address your issues.

Step 2 - Project Planning

 Once you are happy to proceed with our proposed solution, we will liaise with our partners (preferred vendors and experts) to provide you with revised IDoW reports, Estimations, Value Engineering proposals, and/or Tenders Evaluation reports. The services we offer are all developed and supervised by professionals and experienced managers.

Step 3 - Project funding and finance

In addition to providing you with funding options, we also take care of all aspects related to accounting and administration. This includes everything from generating invoices, concluding formal appointments and compiling legal contracts to paying staggered deposits in terms of the payments schedule agreed between stakeholders.

Step 4 - Project Management

All of our services, projects, and operational support are recorded and managed via our Project Management Office (PMO). This office is responsible for properly planning and managing the implementation of our solutions and services to ensure they adhere to the agreed timeframe, budget, and quality standards.

Step 5 - Project execution and maintenance

Supported by the PMO, this division is tasked with the actual execution of projects by providing world-class services supported by latest technologies, and overseen by experts and experienced managers, including engineers, construction managers, maintenance teams, and associated partners and consultants. We take great pride in the implementation and maintenance of solutions that will meet each client’s specific needs and objectives.

Step 6 - Project conclusion and feedback

In order to keep growing, evolving and improving to ultimately provide our clients with the most creative and cost-effective solutions and services in the market, we believe in doing “stock-take” at the end of each project, to celebrate successes and identify areas where we could have done better.