foundation is the base for something.

You often hear about the structural foundations of buildings, but a good idea can also be the foundation of a successful business. In the simplest sense,foundations support something else. For us our foundation is the base we work from: paying it forward. Assisting others around us where and how possible, to take part in building a connected, thriving, happy and functional community, society, country and world.Each year ClaasEco, together with its partners invests a substantial part of its turnover into empowering persons and groups in need,through upliftment, internships, training and partnership programmes. ClaasEco continues to dedicate significant time and resources towards its contribution of building a brighter future in South Africa.These projects are rooted in 2key areas: Local Community Development and Education (in Maths, Science and Technology and the Environment)Importantly, we place the emphasis on social investment; not charity. We contribute to sustainable development, working with employees, their families, the local community and society at large to improve the quality of life resulting in meaningful and sustainable upliftment of communities. By giving communities the tools required to promote long-term, sustainable development, the company is ensuring that this investment is felt for decades to come.Our Main focus for social engagement are: Arts &Culture development and exposure programs, Maths, Science, Technology and Environmental training workshops and field trips,Internship programs with pupils from some of our local educational institutions giving exposure to engineering, project implementation, field management and Project Scope identification.If you see a synergy or opportunity to get involved in the ClaasEco Foundation and it’s specific projects and programmes, or you have an existing programme you think fits into our social upliftment model, please contact us on get involved or make a donation towards the fund.