Without a solid foundation, any building (or business) will eventually crumble, and at ClaasEco, we are proud of our foundational principles of helping the earth and her people.

The saying “charity begins at home” rings absolutely true, and this is exactly where we start – with our employees, their families and the local communities in our area. For us, however, it’s not about charity, but rather about creating opportunities through social investment.

In addition to contributing a significant amount of time and resources towards building a brighter future for South Africa, ClaasEco also invests a substantial part of our turnover into uplifting and empowering persons and groups in need, by working with various partners to offer internships, training, workshops, and exposures programmes.

Our projects are rooted in two key areas:

  • Local Community Development; and
  • Education (Maths, Science and Technology and the Environment)

 By providing the tools required to promote long-term, sustainable development, we hope to bring about lasting change in these vulnerable communities. Moreover, we hope that by assisting those around us however and wherever we can, we can help build a connected, thriving and functional community, society, country and ultimately, world.

If you want to get involved with any of our projects or programmes, or have an existing programme that you believe will fit into our social upliftment model, please contact us to see how we can make a difference together.