Maintaining adequate dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in water is a critical component to sustaining healthy ecosystems in lakes and ponds. Low DO levels and the presence of excess nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus give rise to unhealthy water bodies. Low oxygen at the bottom of water bodies can cause additional releases of nutrients from the sediment, further degrading water quality.

Sustaining DO levels across the entire water column increases ecosystem health and helps reduce the recycling rate of nutrients into the water from the sediment layer. However, effectively aerating the entire water column with conventional aeration systems pose difficulties as conventional aeration relies on oxygen transfer as bubbles quickly rise to the surface, becoming even more challenging in warm and shallow water bodies. Harnessing the power of Ultra Fine Bubbles, ClaasECO-Water UFB equipment has proven that it can effectively aerate the entire water column independent of depth or temperature.

Chemical Free Treatment
ClaasECO-Water UFB-gas-injection technology produces billions of air Ultra Fine Bubbles per millilitre of water, each less than 200 nanometres. This enables ClaasECO-Water UFB-generators to transfer oxygen with greater than 90% efficiency. This efficient oxygen transfer technology utilizing compressed air allows for rapidly increase dissolved oxygen throughout the entire body of water, allowing beneficial bacteria to thrive and consume excess nutrients in the water. Excess nutrients in the water give rise to unhealthy ecosystems such as promoting harmful algae blooms and build-up of bacterial, fungal and other organisms.

DO Mixing and distribution
Conventional aeration relies on large bubbles to mix the water in hopes of transferring oxygen near the surface of the water to lower depths; this can cause stratified water bodies to turn over leading to fish kills. Due to the Ultra Fine Bubbles’ neutral buoyancy, they are able to evenly oxygenate the entire water column, thereby achieving the same DO level at all depths of a pond or lake without mixing or de-stratifying in a negative manner. The presence of oxygen at lower depths prevents the dense bottom layer of water from becoming anoxic, preventing the release of nutrients from the sediment, such as phosphorus. Additionally, as the Ultra Fine Bubbles are able to oxygenate the entire water column, including the sediment without mixing, this reduces turBid/Tenderity and water clarity without agitation.

Non-invasive Plug & Play solutions
ClaasECO-Water UFB-nanobubble generators are positioned outside the body of water for easy access. Installation and commissioning a ClaasECOWater UFB equipment system are accomplished by connecting piping/hosing to and from the ClaasECO-Water UFB equipment unit from the body of water and connecting the ClaasECO-Water UFB equipment unit to a power source. These simple to install, energy efficient systems, help aquatic management companies and their customers easily and more effectively elevate the dissolved oxygen (DO) of their ponds and lakes than when using traditional, aquatic based, aeration system.