The experience that enhances this department within ClaasECO, comes from experience within the South African and International agricultural environs for the past 40 years. This provides us with a holistic insight and approach to the total picture of the sciences involved. The collective field of science and planting possess a very wide variety of cycles and reactions that contributes toward success or failure. In nature it is very seldom that any two reactions has the same outcome. It has to be analysed and planned well in advance in order to successfully grow plants.

There has been an alarming decrease in applied field and environmental scientists, plant pathologists, nematologists, entomologists, botanists, plant physiologists and experts on the levels of total plant and soil biomes in recent years. Farming and other plant orientated businesses are becoming more and more challenging and mistakes and wrong approaches more commonly observed. To counter act this we now provide off-site consultations and support in addition to our personal and project specific services.

It is vital for orchards, vineyards and all other plantings to start on the right foot and hence also to be managed and handled in the best way to secure high yields. Our services include PRO-ACTIVE actions with sufficient planning and monitoring. Our expertise and years of experience enable us to foresee challenges and risks that will have a negative impact on your profitability. Problems can thus be approached in advance with the necessary action plans to provide healthy and profitable practices and crops.